Experimenting grav features

This section rely on experimentation about grav features

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My personal preferences for font-sizes (inspired by this ):

item rem px pt note
.giant 3.38 54.4 41 not yet used
.huge 2.95 47.2 35 not yet used
.big 2.58 41.3 31 not yet used
h1 2.25 36 27
h2 2.00 32 24
h3 1.70 26 21
h4 1.50 24 18
h5 1.30 20 16
h6 1.15 18 14
p 1.00 16 12
.menus 0.87 13.9 10 not yet used
.legal 0.76 12.2 9 not yet used
.micro 0.67 10.7 8 not yet used
.zilch 0.58 9.3 7 not yet used

I personally prefer working with px rouded to integer and rem rounded to 0.05 .

Here some notes about syncronization of a local folder with the remote site folder using ftp protocol.

From raphael.li:

#!/usr/bin/env bash
# Requires: curlftpfs, Unison and fuse.

# Configuration:

# Mount ftp share
curlftpfs "$ftp_USER:$ftp_PASS@$ftp_HOST" "$MOUNTPOINT"

# Sync and accept defaults
Unison -auto "$MOUNTPOINT/$ftp_SUBFOLDER" "$LOCAL"

# Umount
fusermount -u "$MOUNTPOINT"

From linuxconfig.org

From ubuntuforums.org

From github - brgmn